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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Holidays Sept. 20th to Oct. 9 

I'm off to Brisbane and the Gold Coast in 3 weeks.

I'm rather looking forward to it, so I can take some more photo's with my cool Nikon D70. I hope to get some pretty good astronomy photo's while i'm up there. My brother has a motorised telescope, so we'll attempt some photo's assuming the weather is good. Keep an eye on the photogalleries for more shots while i'm up there.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

My new camera 

Well.. it's been about 6 weeks since purchasing my Nikon D70 and i'm very impressed. Of course, I have no way of comparing to others eg. the Canon 300D because I don't own one, but everyone seems to like the D70 more when comparing it to it's rival 300D.

I only have one complaint, and it's not the fault of the camera model, but all digital SLR's. It's DUST.. yes.. DUST. I bought the DSLR so I can change lenses but in doing so, dust gets onto the CCD Sensor. One would think this isn't a huge issue, but wholly shit.. cleaning the dust off the sensor is a pain in the ass. Nikon says under no circumstances should one touch the sensor, and many people agree, but get real people.. how the heck can you not clean it yourself? The Nikon dealer here in Australia wants the camera for 3-5 days and $80 every time you need it cleaned.

I've taken it upon myself to touch the sensor (or at least the low pass filter sitting on top of the sensor) with a lint free cloth and wipe it on occasion which hasn't ruined it, so i'm not sure if it's just a ploy from Nikon to make a few extra dollars. I'm going to try and purchase something a little more sensor friendly one of these days so I won't be as concerned when I clean it. I think I lose a few months of my life everytime I attempt to clean it. It takes hours too. The good news is practice makes perfect so with any luck I'll learn how to do it properly before I ruin the camera.

Apart from that, the camera is brilliant. I need loads of practice though. Some people like the photo's I take, but they only see the 20 or so of about 200 shots so i'm not really a good photographer. At least I have the tool I need to get lots of practice though. I just wish I got out more often to take pictures. I'm contemplating keeping my point and shoot camera for the times I want to ensure I take a good photo eg. special events, that way it doesn't matter if I over expose, or whatever, but for the times where I can experiment or take my time, the Nikon will be the one to use.