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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Still here :) 

Yep.. I'm still here.. I've been a bit lazy in the blogging and uploading of photo's lately.

I got my blood test results back the other day, and for the most part, it looked pretty good. My crohn's markers were almost double (21) from my previous blood test (12), but the doctor thinks it's because I had a virus around the time of the blood test. He's right I think because two days before the blood test, I went home sick from work with a sore throat, and stuffed up nose.

One interesting thing came from the blood test though. It appears my Vitamin B12 level is still good and the doctor believes I should get at least another 6 months out of it before having to get another B12 injection. This is great news because it's already been 6 months since my last injection. My last injection was on Jan 31st, 2005.

Incidently, I'm conducting a personal experiment.. I'm having another blood test done in about 3 weeks, so i've gone out and bought some vitamin B12 tablets which i'm taking daily until a week before the blood test. In theory, if the specialist is correct, then taking the tablets will do nothing because supposedly, my body won't absorb Vitamin B12 due to the bowel resection done in 2001. If the results of my next blood test show an increase in B12 levels, then I can go back to my specialist and advise my body is absorbing it and perhaps stop getting injections. If the level doesn't change, then i'm no worse off.. In the worst case scenario, hopefully i'm up to having an injection once a year instead of the 3 monthly intervals.

I've also been to a sleep doctor at the RPA hospital. The doctor thinks I've got sleep apnea. Interesting.. I must say, i'm not impressed with the way to fix it though.. Apparently the options to me are either an air pump at night to keep my air passages open, or a special thingo I put in my mouth at night that only an orthadontist creates, which forces my air passages open. Damn.. I don't like either of those fixes. Anyway, they'll know for sure after they conduct a sleep study. I'm not sure when that will be, but hopefully it will be soon. For those that aren't sure what a sleep study is.. it's when I spend one night at the sleep clinic (at the hospital), and they wire me up to machinery which monitors my brain activity etc, and then watch me sleep. (How exciting!).

I will update more when known.