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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Health Update 

No sooner than I posted about my Crohn's being out of remission did my gut start feeling a lot better. I guess it may have been yet another false alarm. I'll be keeping a close eye on it though.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Crohn's out of remission.... I hope not! 

I've been having some rather yucky aches and pains over the last week. I know I've had a lot of false alarms but these pains are bringing back memories of the symptoms I had when I had active disease. I think all my false alarms are mainly due to the nature of how my Crohn's Disease affected me last time. It slowly creeped up on me and even at the height of the active disease I didn't fully realize just how sick I really was.

The symptoms I'm currently having are intermittent aches that when they start, I essentually have to cease anything i'm doing temporarily (usually about 10-15 seconds) and just let it pass. During this time I totally lose my appetite and feel kind of lethargic and just plain crappy. I've also had the occasional hot flush while sleeping although, not really bad. My Eczema has also been pretty bad over the last few weeks.

All in all, I believe that if this is active disease I may be catching it pretty early because I only had my C-Reactive Protein check done a few weeks ago and while it was elevated, it was only by a very very small amount and my Eczema would have probably accounted for it.

I'm going to monitor for a few weeks to see if it continues and then go for another CRP test if necessary. If I do have active disease I want to get on the medication right away since it can take 6 months for it to start working. I may be in for a bit of a bumpy ride. Let's hope it's just another false alarm.