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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wacom Tablet success! 


Since i've had the Cintiq I've been trying to work out how to back up the preferences. All my google searches had come up negative in finding a solution to doing it. Even the wacom forums weren't clear about the many questions asked about this very topic.

Finally at long last I found the solution.

First.. I have ver 6.04-7 as the driver version running on Windows Vista Home Premium. With the help of google, patience and a few tools I've discovered the preference file is none other than a file called wacom-tablet.dat located in my C:\Users\Geoff\AppData\Roaming\WTablet folder. The folder is normally hidden so you need to unhide it first.

To unhide the folder, press the Organize button on the Windows Explorer window, then Folder and Search Options, and then View. Tick the option that says Show hidden files and folders.

Now.. it's not just a matter of backing up this file and then expecting it to work. This is why it's taken me a long time to work it out. Basically, you need to stop the TabletServiceWacom in the Services control panel. Go to the Control panel, and double click on Administration tools, and then Services. Find the TabletServiceWacom and stop it. Now copy over the backed up file on top of the existing one and restart the service.

Now when you double click on the Wacom Tablet control panel icon, it will load with your old preferences.

Note: Older versions of the driver will mean the preference file is called tablet.dat and the Service is called 'TabletService'. The directory where you find the tablet.dat or wacom_tablet.dat may be in a different location on Windows XP or other Operating Systems so you may need to search your machine for the file. If the modified time changes when you open/close the Wacom Tablet control panel then you have the right file.

Also note that this should work for the Intuous 3, Cintiq and quite probably other tablets by Wacom asuming they follow the same convention.

Now I can finally start building my preference file knowing I won't lose it when I re-format etc.