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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

New Toy! 

I was doing a bit of programming in Visual Basic the other day, and got incredibly frustrated at the use of my 15 inch LCD monitor. I've used it for programming in the past, so this was no different, but I got kinda pissed enough to decide to splurge on a new 19 inch LCD monitor. I bought a Philips 190S5FS 19" LCD.

I'm impressed. In fact, I now have both my 19 inch, and 15 inch side by side, set up as a dual monitor setup for my one PC (My X800 video card has two inputs). The 19 inch is so clear, that I can now see the crappy colours from my 15 inch in comparison. The 15 inch must have deteriorated over time. It's still pretty good though.

The use of Dual Monitor's.. All I can say is WOW!! It's so cool to be able to move my mouse from one monitor to the other. I went from having screen real estate of a 15 inch monitor, to having that of a 19 inch, AND a 15 inch. It's awsome. I can now have half of my Visual Basic IDE on one monitor, leaving me with loads of space to do the programming and Gui design on the 19 inch monitor.

I recommend to anyone, that if you are contemplating doing a dual monitor setup, then do it.. it's the best thing since sliced bread.