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Monday, January 31, 2005

Blood Test Results 

Well.. I got my blood test results back today.. I don't think it's good news, but i'll know for sure on friday when I see my specialist. Here's the details.

Last blood test
Iron = <5
B12 = >1470
CRP = 6.2

This blood test
Iron = <5
B12 = 185
CRP = 12

What's normal
Iron (9-30)
B12 (135-500)
CRP (<6)

What does all this mean?

My iron tablets that i've been taking have had pretty well no effect. If i'm reading it correctly, i'm still Anaemic.

I had a B12 injection the day before my last blood test which is why it was high. We wanted to see if it would be sufficiently high enough after 3 months to allow me to spread out the injections to say 6 monthly intervals. Unfortunately, my B12 is just normal after 3 months, so if I was to wait longer, I could end up with major problems. 3 monthly injections will have to continue.

CRP.. Well.. this is the bad part. This is the marker which indicates whether my Crohn's is active. When I last saw my specialist, it was only slightly elevated. In 3 months, it's doubled to 12.

Mix the CRP, continued iron deficiency, and a few other things such as my red blood cell count is still not normal (although better than last time), it looks to me like my Crohns is active again. I'll find out what the specialist says in 4 days though.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

New Toy... soon. 

Update 27/1/2005

I've decided to hold off on this purchase for the time being. I've decided to get a Compactdrive PD7X instead. It doesn't have an LCD screen but it's supposedly extremely fast. This will come in very handy for a photoshoot I'll be doing in about 6 weeks. More about that later though :)


My accountant once said to me about 3 years ago.. one day you'll run out of gadgets you want to buy.. that's when you can do some real saving. Hmmm.. I'm still waiting for that day. Next on my agenda is the Epson P-2000 Multimedia Storage Viewer.

I've been wanting some kind of portable viewer for a while now.. Often you can't tell if the photo you took is any good on the D70's built in LCD screen, so it will be a welcome feature to be able to view photo's on a larger screen while out in the field.

It also has a built in 40 gig hard drive, and can read the D70's NEF files, so i'll have all the memory i'll ever need. The only problem appears to be nobody has it in stock, and i'll probably have to purchase it from the USA. I've heard rumours that Epson won't be shipping to the Asia Pacific region.. not sure of the reasoning though.. The specs indicate the AC adaptor is 110-240v so it should work fine here. Can't wait for it though.

Monday, January 10, 2005


If you're seeing this, the chances are, you're seeing the site after it's been redelegated to my new webhost. The guestbook has also been revamped so it looks and works better. Feel free sign it!