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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Well.. I went on my 2nd sleep study, to determine the pressure needed for the CPAP machine. Apart from an incredibly miserable night being unable to sleep, I got my pressure as being 10 and the prescription. The believe the pressures range from 1 to 24 with the latter being extreme.

A couple of days ago I rented my first CPAP machine, and have been steadily getting used to it over the past two nights. The first night was horrible. I feel like I got about 5 minutes sleep all night. I'm not entirely blaming the machine for that though, I blame the fact I wasn't used to it, and my insomnia. Last night was a bit better though, but still not overly good. I'm still waking up every couple of hours. I suspect it's partially due to my body being accustomed to waking up. This is going to be fun trying to recondition my body to not keep waking up.. I suspect it's all physological now, as the physical side should now be stopping the apnea. In theory.. famous last words. I'm slowly getting used to it so I should have more of an update in a few weeks.

My Kidney stone is no more... yippee! I passed it without incident about 1 week ago. It feels so good to be rid of that thing. I can't believe something so small can cause so much pain and anguish. I got it analyzed, and it was found to be comprised of Oxelate and Calcium which I believe is stock standard. I am now a firm believer in the Jump and Bump method of moving that sucker through your body at lightening speed. Both the Urologist, and GP both reckon the stone was stuck just before the entrance to the bladder. After trying the Jump method for 90 minutes, I believe the stone moved into the bladder overnight while I slept. It was only a matter of time before passing of said stone. When I least expected it, bam!!! It was gone.. The entire thing lasted about half a second.. It was pretty bad for that half a second, but not excruciating. I'm now convinced enough to use this method in future, if I ever get another kidney stone. Let's hope that doesn't happen though :)