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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Not a lot happening at the moment 

Not a great deal is happening at the moment that is newsworthy, so I won't write much.

My Crohn's is okay at the moment. No symptoms. I've found some real Iron tablets as opposed to the really low dosage stuff you get at a supermarket so I'm starting to take these instead. With any luck, this should pull me out of the Anemia i've been suffering for a while.

On another subject, If all goes well, i'll be able to pay off another grand off my TV, bringing the total remaining down to $2000 from $3600. And I still have at least 10 months left before i'd have to pay interest. Again, if all goes well, within 6 weeks, I should be able to pay it off completely.

Much to my dismay, i've learned recently that the Sydney Airports Corporation Limited (SACL) have placed a blanket photography ban on the Sydney Airport Tarmac Tour. If you remember correctly, I went on the tour a few months ago and got some pretty cool pictures. It looks like paranoia, and knee jerk reactions have struck again, causing the majority to be inconvenienced, due to a few idiots that think anyone with a camera MUST be up to no good. Watch out folks.. soon they'll put a ban on taking pictures of the Opera House, or Harbour Bridge. yes.. i'm rather pissed at the situation. Camera banning in Australia is getting out of control.

Well.. that's about all for now..