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Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend at Blackheath and Jenolan Caves 

Well.. I went to the Blue Mountains over the weekend. I went Saturday night and spent the night at the Blackheath Motor Inn, then met up with the other guys and gals from and went to Govett's Leap lookout in Blackheath to get some sunset shots.. Unfortunately, the sun didn't show itself, so that didn't work out, but we had a great dinner at a chinese restaurant not too far from the motel. The weather was freezing.. I'm glad I took my winter jacket.

Early sunday morning, I headed towards Jenolan, and went early enough to catch some spectacular views with fog. I managed to get a couple of good ones which I'll post over the next few days. In the process of stopping on the way a few times, somehow I managed to lose my lens cap of my camera. They're not cheap or easy to get either so i'll be lens capless for a little while. This means i'll have to be extra careful with the camera.

Jenolan Caves was a blast.. It was a gruelling day of going up and down stairs, and even harder with a backpack on, and carting a tripod with a camera up and down some very steap stairs. We had access to many caves, and even parts of the cave that normally aren't open to the general public, so it was a real treat. The lighting was very hard to capture, so I used a mixture of timed exposure, and rear curtain flash. In some cases this worked out really well, and you can see a kind of purple effect on anything white, mixed with the orange effect from the incandescant lighting.

Well, enough for now.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Jenolan Caves 

Only 6 more sleeps (Geez I hate that saying) before we have our Jenolan Caves tour. What makes this tour so cool is that we're able to take tripods in the caves. I'm not looking forward to the gruelling excercise, but with any luck, a few nice photo's will make it all worthwhile.

I hope to have them on the web by the following weekend (if they turn out). Keep an eye open for them.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Colonoscopy done! 

Well.. not too much to report.. The report indicates 3 x Haemorrhoids, otherwise normal. In other words, he couldn't find any active disease. I tried to wait around for him so I could ask what's next, but I gave up after 2 hours. I'll have to wait now until April 1st, when I have my appointment with him, to find out what's next.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! 

I'm currently doing my preparation for tomorrow's colonoscopy, and only one word comes to mind.. Yuck! The preparation instructions say i'm supposed to have 1 x packet of Picoprep at 2pm, followed by 6 glasses of water, then again at 4pm, and again at 6pm. First of all, this shit tastes disgusting.. second of all.. 6 glasses of water... I don't think so. I'm struggling with 2 glasses of water. I've even tried washing down some of the aftertaste of this crap with applejuice but it's not helping. Seriously.. I reckon this preparation is worse than the procedure.

I 'm also finding it hard to watch TV today.. I'm only allowed clear fluids today, and every second commercial, or TV show is about great succulant, good looking tasty food.

Well.. I've only got one more packet of this disgusting garbage to drink at 5pm, then I can work on removing the taste from my mouth and relax until tomorrow. (yes.. I started it one hour earlier.)